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Sunday, September 27, 2009

~My First Real Kiss~

I remember the exact date of my first real kiss. It was Sunday, August 19th, 1979. It was carefully documented in my diary from that year, and every 1979 day planner that I had at the time. It was written in the side margins of old notebooks. It was written in notes to my friends at school. Missy Loves Micky Forever!

The guy was "Micky." He was a friend of my cousin Dawn's brother, Jay. He kissed me on my granny's porch, while we sat on the glider. I got dizzy and lightheaded. I will never forget it.

As I got older, my visits to WV mainly consisted of staying at Dawn's house. There wasn't much for a 14 year old girl to do out in the country, with just a brother and younger boy cousin to play with. I was fortunate enough to have met Dawn, and our friendship bloomed instantly.

Dawn's granny and my granny were sisters. My mom and Dawn's mom played together and stayed close while they were growing up. They lost touch after my mom moved to NY. Then about 1976, they re-connected, and I met Dawn. She and I have been as close as sisters ever since.

Dawn's house was fun. First of all, it was air conditioned, had four bedrooms and a full basement with a pool table. And, it had her older brother, Jay, who had cute friends! That's how I met Micky.
During the school year, I had my crush on "The Boy". During the summers, I had Micky.

Me and Micky August 1979 Me and Micky August 1981

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